The *143# menu is the most convenient way for Globe Prepaid, Postpaid and Tattoo* mobile subscribers to access their load balance/billing information and avail of downloads, promos and other services.

How to use the *143# menu:

   1) Dial *143# on your phone then press CALL.
   2) Wait for the menu to appear on your screen.
   3) Once the menu appears, select the service you want. You can check your load balance/billing, register to call, text and surfing promos, access GCASH, Share-A-Load, etc. Press "Reply/Response/Answer/(etc., depending on your phone model)" when you have made your selection.
   4) Once in the submenu you've selected, enter the number of your chosen transaction and press "OK."
   5) You may need to verify your transaction by entering "1" and pressing "OK".
   6) Wait for the confirmation message notifying you that the transaction was successful.

Invalid entries (i.e., entering a number not in the choices, entering a letter or symbol instead of a number, etc.) will take you back to your previous menu.

*143# works on any kind of mobile phone—from the latest smartphones to the oldest handset models! Available to Globe Prepaid, Postpaid and Tattoo* subscribers only.

*Tattoo SIM cards can access *143# only when placed in a mobile phone.


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