Ringback Service FAQs

What is the ringback service?

The ringback tone is the ringing sound or song that your friends hear when they call you before you pick up the phone. It is available for Postpaid, Prepaid, and TM subscribers.


How do I activate it?

To activate your ringback service, you can send an SMS request in two ways:

  • Type <5-digit tone code> and send to 2332.
  • Type ON and send to 2332.

The hottest ringback tone will be activated for you within 24 hours. Charging rates as follows: 

  • P5.00
  • P7.00
  • P15.00
  • P30.00

You may also call the ringback access number from your Globe handyphone. Simply dial 2332 and follow the voice instructions. Charging rate is P5.00 per minute.


How will I know the ringback tone codes?

For a list of available ringback tones, text LIST or SONGS to 2332. This request is free of charge.


How much is the ringback service? How long will the ringback be activated?


Downloading a ringback will cost either:

  • P5.00 for 5 days
  • P7.00 for 7 days
  • P15.00 for 15 days
  • P30.00 for 30 days

It will depend on the particular ringback you choose.This applies to downloading, copying, and giving/gifting a ringback.


Can I listen to the ringback tone before I activate it?

Yes. To listen to the ringback tone, please follow these easy steps:


    • Text H <space> 5-digit tone code and send to 2332. This request costs P2.50.

Example: H G1234

    • You will receive a text message confirming the tone you want to hear.
    • Dial 2332 and listen to the tone. (This pre-listening function is available only when you have the above confirmation text message.) Listening to the ringback tone will be charged P5.00 per minute.


Can I check the status of my ringback? How?

Yes. To know the status of your ringback, text MYRBT and send to 2332.


Can I change my ringback anytime? How?


Yes, you can change your ringback tone anytime. To change your ringback, text <tone code> and send to 2332. Your existing ringback tone will automatically be replaced.


If I change my ringback tone before my subscription ends, do I get charged again?


Yes, you will be charged every time you activate a new ringback tone regardless if the subscription ended or not.


How will I know when my ringback tone will expire?


Before the subscription expires, a text reminder will be sent one (1) day prior to expiry.


What happens after the subscription expires?


After the subscription expires, the system will automatically retain your current ringback tone depending on what ringtone you have availed:

  • P5.00 ringback = another 5 days
  • P7.00 ringback = another 7 days
  • P15.00 ringback = another 15 days
  • P30 ringback = another 30 days

If you want to change your ringback, just text <5-digit tone code> and send to 2332. Example: G1234


Can I unsubscribe if I do not want my Ringback subscription anymore? Can I get a refund?


Yes, just text STOP <code> and send 2332. Example: STOP G1234.

This request is free of charge. However, you cannot refund any unused subscription.

Note: Deactivation of ringback service is within 24 hours from time of request.


How many Ringback tones can I have at one time?


You can have two (2) ringback tones at a time. If you want to add to your current ringback tone, text the 5-digit tone code of choice to 2332.


Do I need to save the ringback tone to my phone?


No, there is no need to save it to your mobile phone. The ringback tone is saved in Globe's system.