Share-A-Load FAQs

8. Are there any limits to the number or amount of Share-A-Load transactions?

Globe Prepaid and TM subscribers are only allowed to send a maximum number of 5 transactions per day regardless of the amount. 

Globe Postpaid Subscribers will be subject to their existing Share-A-Load transaction limits based on their plan. The monthly Share-A-Load limits are:
    â€¢ P500 for Plan 0-800
    â€¢ P1,000 for Plan 1200-3500
    â€¢ P1,500 for Plan 5000 and above

Request for increase in Globe Postpaid Share-A-Load transaction limit is free of charge but subject to credit approval.

To request for an increase in Globe Postpaid Share-A-Load transaction limit, you may do any of the following:
    â€¢ Call your Talk2Globe Hotline at (02)730-1000 from any Landline phone or dial 211 toll-free from your Globe Mobile.
    â€¢ Visit the nearest Globe Store.