TM vs KB

7. Why do I experience slow connection/slowdown when I browse?

There are several factors that may contribute to this perception or experience. Let's go through them one by one:

  • "Slow" is relative
    If the point of comparison is a desktop/laptop connected to a DSL internet, browsing on the handset will comparably be slower.
  • Handset's Processing Power
    A phone's processing and browser-capabilities have to be considered as well. Think of this as similar to your computer's processing power, which could be a Pentium 1 or 4, with the higher number being faster and more advanced
  • Handset + Network
    How fast a web page opens is dependent on both the handset-capability and the signal currently being received. Ex. GPRS phone can only connect using GPRS signal.
  • Handset's Network Settings/Mode
    Even if your location is capable of HSDPA access, you may be connected to a different Internet access. Make sure that your handset is configured/ locked to 3G/HSDPA or UMTS so you get the best speed when you are in a 3G/HSDPA covered area.
  • High-Traffic Area
    High-traffic area means that in that area, there are numerous subscribers using Globe's mobile network and as such network resources/bandwidth is shared among them. This is similar to the experience over Wi-Fi where as there are more users connecting to Wi-Fi in a coffee shop, you may experience lower access speed.
  • Website has too many visitors
    Too many viewers/users may clog a specific website and be temporarily inaccessible. This is usually experienced in online gaming sites, popular blogs, and even web applications such as Internet messengers (e.g. YM, Google Talk) and Internet radio. We encourage you to access these sites during off-peak hours. Note however that this problem is independent of your Internet connection/ Globe mobile internet service.